Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Know Your Transportation Company

NASSAU TLC SEIZES LIMOWABC-TV7 * September 19, 2007MINEOLA, NY -- A group of high school students had planned everydetail of their prom night, all the way down to the limo that wassupposed to pick them.But the limo didn't show, and ever since, they've been trying to gettheir money back.These high school students had paid $2,000 for their prom night limo.And when it didn't show, they wanted their money back. But aftermonths of excuses and no refund, they called for Seven On Their Sideto track down the AWOL limo.The kids finally got their money back, but we found out that Coachmanwas not licensed to operate in Nassau County."I would say the serious complaints started coming in June 2006," saidRoger Bogsted of Nassau County Consumer Affairs.It turns out Nassau County Consumer Affairs had been investigatingCoachman too. They say Coachman was not licensed to operate alimousine service in their county.But when undercover consumer affairs officers called for a Coachmancar, the driver showed up in a vehicle with temporary Missouri tags.And worse, the vehicle was not registered in New York state. Theofficers seized it."We will pull them over anywhere we seem them operating, and if theyare unlicensed, as this individual case, we will seize it on thespot," Bogsted said.In the end, Coachman paid its fine and recovered the limousine. Andthey repaid all three people who had complained about them, includingthe two thousand dollars to the prom kids.Nassau County Consumer Affairs says while Coachman satisfied the finesand consumer complaints they still aren't registered to operate as alimousine company in the county.We called Coachman for comment. A representative said she didn't knowthey weren't registered. But they are still in business, now operatingas Coachman Bus Tours.And we received word today that the attorney general's office is alsolooking at them.

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